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Tanda: The Knowledge Assistant

November 19, 2018

source: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41698-017-0029-7

Today I had a day of doubts. Is this project worth the effort? A remarkably vague idea, grab bag of features, and even more vague market.

Screw features, screw sales. There’s a much more specific question.

What problem does it solve for me?

It was always crystal clear I need such a tool myself. For years I keep making and trying prototypes, one after another.

But what for? Why do I keep coming back to this idea?

What do I love the most? What drives me?

I love to solve complex problems. Take pride in it.
Love helping people. It feels good.

What do I need to solve complex problems?

Clarity. Focus. Tranquility.
Nice words. These don’t look like solvable by apps at all.

Let’s take a step back.

A complex task is the one that’s complex to imagine. That takes up all your mental capacity. OK, we’re onto something here.

To approach any complex task, you have to clear your mind.

I hate to keep tabs. To worry. To have to keep something in mind. Anything.

The sweet spot is to dive into the scene, quickly sketch up the picture, spot problems and opportunities, act—and then put everything out of my head.

Rinse, repeat. The “rinse” part matters. That’s what gives me superpowers.

Tanda does two things:

  • Distilling ambient noise into the summary of priorities, risks, and problems. Keeps tabs for me. Always brushed up.
  • Supports swift, targeted, focused investigations, drawing from whatever knowledge was accumulated before.

The markets and money will follow.


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