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Assistant 2.0: Features Are Overrated

16 March, 2021

Features are overrated. Paper notebooks. Thousands of notes. Speed. Focus.

Brain-computer interfaces

05 March, 2021

Brain-computer interfaces. Upper limit on complexity. Composable systems vs emergent phenomena. Think. Sleep. Repeat.

Mini-post on minicoil

27 February, 2021

Trying to resume regular blogging. Release: minicoil - subset of Recoil.js API. Glorified global variables :)

Subscription Future Token

21 June, 2020

SaaS pricing. Price discovery. Growth expectations catch-22. Subscription Futures. Believers, Investors and Distributors.

What's a 'business'? What's a 'tool'?

22 May, 2020

People, visions, interactions. Self-evident, never-verbalized things. Engelbart's violin, open-source, hand-holding and TikTok.

River: Bitemporal App Platform

08 November, 2019

I should really blog more often. Surprisingly, the database idea works.

News and Ideas

25 July, 2019

When you lose something, it’s the right time to start something new.

Tanda: The Knowledge Assistant

19 November, 2018

Today I had a day of doubts. Is this project worth the effort? A remarkably vague idea, grab bag of features, and even more vague market…

Accidental Complexity: Files

16 September, 2018

When I wrote about ideas and competition, I said: "you can beat large companies by spotting accidental complexity and avoiding it." Pick a problem...

Current Efforts

09 September, 2018

I focus on three major areas now: Personal knowledge assistant – saves time, attention and focus; Research paper...

History of Ideas

02 September, 2018

Have you tried writing down every idea that’s a) valuable and b) you definitely could do it over the weekend? None of that “change the world…

Language Engineering

30 August, 2018

Let’s talk about self-aware systems. Nah. Let’s start with something simpler. What if we apply the systems engineering approach to the…

A failed experiment, and the real magic

28 August, 2018

Today’s post was meant to be a short plan for the next few days (“commit to a plan in public,” blah blah). Then, things suddenly went south…

Picking a Language

27 August, 2018

I thought a lot about this. I’d like the blog to be accessible for different audiences, as well as practice writing in multiple languages…


25 August, 2018

This will be my work diary. I’m sure future posts will be more interesting :)