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July 25, 2019

Got into a rather nasty car accident. Was waiting in the traffic jam, ended up with a broken shoulder and a totaled car.

Right now recovering after the shoulder surgery. I hope one will be enough—it turned out to be surprisingly painful.

This means I can’t code for quite a while (it’s been three weeks already, so months?), texts have to be brief, too.


When you lose something, it’s the right time to start something new.

There are dozens of databases. A few stand out. I especially like CouchDB and kdb+.

  • CouchDB brought us apps that work offline, with a database that’s decentralized, simple, robust and future-proof, without painful schema changes and downtimes.
  • kdb+ is a very different beast—crazy fast, often fastest, time-series database, with its own programming language and a hefty price tag.

After working closely with both, I realized their features are compatible. We absolutely can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Still, why database? Isn’t it boring?

“Hey, you’re smart, why don’t you make a cryptocurrency too?”

Turns out, apart from an idea and a community—blockchain is just an impossibly slow database. Let’s make a proper database first. I want real, fast, usable dapps, not another scamcoin where it takes 30 minutes to buy a pizza.

Also, during the gold rush, you don’t join the mob, you sell shovels. Data isn’t the new oil, but you still need machinery to handle it. Hell, Tanda needs a backend.

Let’s make it happen

I know what to do—and how to do it.

Looking for a year or two of funding, and a couple of bright engineers. Write me. Let’s do it together.

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